In the distant past, humanity was at peace with nature. As communities developed, ancient peoples endowed with wisdom imitated the ways of nature though art, story telling and also in stone.
The first gathering places were marked upon the landscape with stones, and stone circles became the foundation cornerstones of advancing civilisation. The circle represented the universal life force of the sun & moon and also the community.
These circles were ancient classrooms to learn the mysteries and movement of the stars. They were time pieces to chart the seasons for early agriculture, they were forums to create laws & customs and conduct commerce, they were theatres where sound and light were used to entertain the imagination.
These stone circles are the ancient inspiration of what later became temples of worship. In many cultures, stones and mountains represented the divine centre of the cosmos. In myth, the circle is at the centre of the universe and in practice, the circle is the centre of peace.
A place where no belief can dominate, a place where all faiths are welcome, a place where all conflict or trauma is resolved and all are equal upon the round table called the earth.
We humbly bring back the circle in stone to resonate peace on earth. We each become the custodians of peace for the good of community and we honour our ancestors as we set down these stones in unity. With each stone circle built, we build a better world for peace and prosperity. Imagine what having your very own Sacred Space can feel like.
Your very own Ancient Stone Circle sets a bold new statement that stands above the rest.