Sacred Circles

Each Standing Stone is carefully hand picked by Brian T Collins for its properties as a healing stone and for the symbolic representation of peace and unity.

Faery Circle
The entry level introduction into the art of personal  miniature stone sanctuaries is the faery
circle. This personal and powerful circle channels the earth realms for personal use. It can be used to attract or manifest what you want into your life–abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, healing, etc. These are cozy and can fit one to three people.

Druid Serpent Circle
The serpent circle is for those serious about manifesting their intentions
This circle draws the ley lines towards the middle session stone where the practitioner would stand to receive the energies of Mother Earth. This is a popular circle with solitary light workers who set their shamanic intent for community.


Norse Woah Circle
The Norse Woah connects you to the conscious direction of time energy in the cosmic wheel of creation. This is a powerful circle aligned to the sun and moon which draws the power of time to heal all wounds, the alignments help you to feel more in control of your life. The woah can fit 3-8 people for energy work.


Emerald Healing Circle
The Emerald Circle is a powerful experience into the realms of the mystic. This circle incorporates the celestial mysteries of the Emerald Light which can help assist spiritual growth. This circle can balance communities and is perfect as the entry level circle for retreat spaces and gatherings. The Emerald circle uses stars stones and light to create a powerful shamanic experience through the other worldly kingdoms. Emerald Circles are perfect for small workshop or yoga retreats. The Emerald circle can hold 5-15 people for the exclusive retreat experience.

The World Tree Circle
The world tree was an ancient honouring between heaven and earth. Brian T Collins was the first megalithic artist to honour this ancient cultural tradition that has not been practiced in over two thousand years. The world tree symbolizes our connection to the world and the tree of life. The world tree is the ultimate mystical experience of shamanic healing of the ancestral family lines and social communities.


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